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We at WSE believe that every child should have the opportunity and access to the best education available in the market.

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WSE is the official GrapeSEED partner in Malaysia.

GrapeSEED integrates vocabulary and language expressions through Songs, Action Activities, Chants, Shared Reading Poems, Stories, and more to ensure efficient learning. It balances new information with a systematic review of previously covered information, providing practice and repetition that leads to fluency.

Additionally, the GrapeSEED Repeated Exposure and Practice (REP) materials provide practice opportunities, deepening the learning for students.

WSE is partnered with London-based Air-Class 1-on-1, a global education institution dedicated to 1 on 1 online tutoring, with over 500,000 fee-paying students.

Three levels (SATS, GCSE and A-level) of courses such as Maths, English, Science, Biology and Chemistry are currently offered. All teachers come from Top 30 Universities in the UK through a strict selection process with an interview pass rate of only 7.8%.

The course is designed for overseas Chinese students who have basic listening and speaking skills. Through pictures, animations, interactive games and children’s songs, students will practice their Chinese listening and reading skills, learn the basics of Chinese characters, develop their writing skills, and eventually build a Chinese language mindset and a good foundation for learning Chinese.

WSE is working with BIEA to promote British education to emerging international education markets as well as supporting education providers at all levels, from Early-Years through to Secondary Education (STEM education).

WSE partners with UKEU to help students gain entry to prestigious schools/universities in the UK with guidance from famous and experienced educators.


Durham University

Lancaster University

University of Liverpool

And over 70 UK universities